"Full of Life"
Vieve is a woman-owned, luxury resort brand. Created by founder and fashion industry veteran, Genevieve Treacy, the brand aims to invoke a bohemian, free-spirited vibe by infusing the history-rich beauty of women-led artistry by the Wayuu people with fresh, natural yet stylish, bags and totes.
Inspired by the immersive cultural movements during Geneveive's travel, Vieve is the result of Genevieve's experience in the fashion industry coupled with her deep admiration for the Wayuu women of the La Guajira Peninsula in Colombia.
As a full life is an ever-evolving, multi-dimensional journey, so is the process of creating each Vieve product. By combining modern innovation with the time honored weaving techniques of the Wayuu artisans, these thoughtfully crafted products celebrate the bounty of life. 

The Mission

Vieve is not only a celebration of the artistry of the Wayuu people, but a brand with a purpose. Indigenous women are in the top percentile of the world's population most likely to live in extreme poverty. In working with the Wayuu people, Vieve is able to support and improve the lives of the artisans through fair trade purchase.

As the brand expands its footprint within the fashion accessories world, we aim to increase the ways in which we are able to help the Wayuu people. We are grateful for your investment in each Vieve piece, as each sale helps us strengthen our ability to invest in our partnership with these artisans.

Vieve Founder Genevieve Treacy